SANGUINARY TRANCE – Wine, Song and Sacrifice [Black Metal]

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    SANGUINARY TRANCE - Wine, Song and Sacrifice EP

    Frantic and riff-laden Black Metal from Austria. Haunting melodies in the 90s vein merged with psychedelic, dissonant parts and intricate song structures.

    Three tracks/23 minutes; available on tape (pro-manufactured, first edition of 50 copies) and digitally through Bandcamp.


    10th best EP of 2018

    - Arson Cafe

    "[...] Just as many spiritually charged, ecstatic and enthusiastic musicians exist within the sub-genre yet few in recent memory channel the head-flinging-backward daze induced by the Dionysian mysteries as Austrian black metal project Sanguinary Trance."

    - Grizzly Butts

    "I hear strains of medieval music in the solemn but seething grandeur of the title track, which grows both increasingly mystical and increasingly savage as it unfolds, and the multi-faceted vocals are harrowing enough to raise goosebumps on the skin.“

    - No Clean Singing

    "Showing more promise in their first three tracks than many established acts can manage across several releases, ‘Wine, Song and Sacrifice’ imbues their raw-ish black assault with equal doses dissonant horror, Dionysian madness, vampiric melodrama and rhythmic tribal intoxication. The overall effect is a menacing and overwhelmingly sensual high that can be quite dizzying if it hits you just right [...]"

    - Black Metal Daily

    "‘Wine, Song and Sacrifice’ is a bloodstained love letter to the most iconic of black metal times, but with an unmistakably unique viewpoint on it. With some unforgettable moments that set your teeth on edge and make your hair stand on end, Sanguinary Trance are indeed trance invoking and the feelings it conjures are black magickal."

    - The Killchain Blog

    "Wine, Song and Sacrifice is truly an EP to behold. Through three offerings it is incredibly varied and unique, each track bringing something different to the gnarled and chewed up blackened table. With ripping riffs, a greatly varied vocal delivery, machine gun drumming and an overall raw and powerful production, Wine, Song and Sacrifice is an excellent EP. This is an unmistakably superb and a very well rounded debut offering."

    - Cadaver Garden

    "Highly expansive and meditative stuff. Thumbs up."

    - Metal Trenches

  • "If they had not told me that this was from 2018, I could easily guess that it is old material. And every time I hear it I can not stop thinking about Hirilorn, Sacrilegium or even the first Satyricon material; [...] A unique experience; an unparalleled journey of chaos and madness perfectly made through these three tracks that together tell a story of evil and secrecy.

    6 stars of 6: A Masterpiece."

    - Arkhon (via Google Translate)

  • "Well bugger me sideways, there aren’t many EP’s that pack this much clout AND vision. All in all, a strong first offering from the fledgling outfit. Whatever visions Sanguinary Trance have witnessed in the twilight, one can only hope they will return soon. For now, allow Wine, Song And Sacrifice to consume you. It’s corrupting tendrils will bury deep into your flesh, ensuring you’ll be hitting repeat into the wee hours of the dreadful night. 8/10"

    - Musipedia Of Metal

  • "Ein theatralischer Auftakt aus hellen Percussions und hymnischen Sechssaitern führt zunächst langsam in die vielschichtigen Klangwelten von “WINE, SONG AND SACRIFICE“ ein, bevor sich der nahezu viertelstündige Titeltrack in ein heftiges Inferno verwandelt, in dem es vor disharmonischen Leads und messerscharfen Tremolos nur so wimmelt. Diese preschen sowohl hektisch-aggressiv, als auch passagenweise deutlich gezügelter und mit melodischen Akustikklängen angereichert aus den Boxen und erschaffen auf diese Weise düster-bedrohlichen Black Metal mit nordischer Note, der trotz eines dominanten Leitmotives recht abwechslungsreich gehalten ist. [...] SANGUINARY TRANCE liefern mit ihrem ersten Lebenszeichen ein kompromißloses Werk mit wunderbar puristischem Black Metal ab, der sich allem Zierrat verweigert und einzig und alleine die ungeschminkte Fratze des Todes offenbart."

    - Evilized

  • "“Wine, Song and Sacrifice” is an album where the maniac and hypnotizing notes are present all around it and that’s what makes it more insane even for the insane Black metal standards. [...] The epic and grad tittle track has lots of moments when you reallt wonder if the musicians know what they are doing due to the dissonances that appear to be out of tune, but that’s exactly the intention. Only a twisted and sick mind could ever imagine an album like this."

    - Metal Addicts

  • "Each of the three tracks constitute a unique offering, bound together by a dense atmosphere and traditional black metal style. What then sets Sanguinary Trance apart is the drive and ability of the project to weave sparks of the baleful, grotesque, and sometimes mystical, into the energy of each track for a visceral listener experience. [...]

    Sanguinary Trance has succeeded in crafting a fiery innovation of violence and fervor, heightened by unrelenting tangles of atmosphere and melody. Wine, Song, and Sacrifice establishes Sanguinary Trance as a name to watch out for – and has all the makings of a foundational predecessor to great and wicked works yet to come."

    - Covenant Magazine

  • "Providing a unique mix of melodic black metal phrasing with a sense of chaos, this twenty-three-minute release leaves the listener off balance with its off-kilter character. The rhythm section lays down solid traditional blackness, but the guitars go off in unexpected directions while the vocalist's howls ensure that you're left grounded, yet left somewhat confused. Intriguing. [7]"

    - The Mighty Decibel

  • "Roher Sound und kreischender, mit Hall belegter Gesang zu flirrenden Gitarren, welche mich positiv an eine Mischung aus alten Abigor und früheren Emperor erinnern. Ich bin hin und weg, ob der Brutalität oder auch der Stimmung wegen, die hier mit einfachen Mitteln erzeugt wird. [...] Wie man es auch dreht und wendet, ich bin begeistert von dieser 3-Track-EP, die meine Liebe zum Black Metal Underground wieder ordentlich angefacht hat, wodurch ich Sanguinary Trance auf jeden Fall weiter auf meinem Zettel behalten werde. Sowohl Sound wie Spielweise haben mich vollends überzeugt!"

    - Waldhalla Magazin

  • "This is a work that will certainly not be easy to listen to for those who love more polished sounds and cleaner compositions. However, in the chaos of a genre like black metal, Sanguinary Trance turns out to be a project that is able to show off immediately as a revelation, like a white fly in the deep swarm of black underground. This is a name that I will follow with great enthusiasm in the coming years! - 4,5/5 Points"

    - Allaroundmetal (via Google Translate)

  • "Sanguinary Trance deliver an EP that does not deviate from the stylistic point of view, finding its most obvious references in the classic sound of the second wave of black metal, and therefore typically 90s, but also highlights the attempt made by the mastermind of the project to find his own "voice" within this sound. The results that are undoubtedly worthwhile of attention. - 80/100 Points"

    - Insane Voices Labirynth (via Google Translate)

  • "Sanguinary Trance [...] aims to take that feeling of the late nineties of the most melodic genre and bring it something new. We can say that they did it. These themes have a melodic bent but also a certain maturity that was not at all appreciable in the proposals of the time. Maturity that allows them to have a less beautiful or attractive aura in their riffs, with an almost dissonant strand. - 8/10"

    - World of Metal #29 (via Google Translate)

  • "There is an almost priestly commitment, an almost ritualistic appearance in the concept of the music and lyrics being presented. This is far from something sacred but its exact opposite - the ritual tones of hell, the exploitation of sins and sinful thoughts and actions and some higher state of consciousness is something this music evokes. A worthwhile and interesting debut, stronger than the releases of some established bands in 2018."

    - Ciklonizacija (via Google Translate)

    "The music grows in energy, gradually building up its frenetic schizophrenia while maintaining an almost orchestral feel to it with distinct moments. [...] It’s a harrowingly driven and bloody affair that is an insight into the mind of the maddening."

    - Metal Noise